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Piston cleaner

Piston cleaner
Piston cleaner
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Product Code : 058
Brand Name : Atlas
Product Description

ATLAS-SCL30 is a petroleum solvent based cleaner for electronic and mechanical components surface.


ATLAS-SCL30 was developed to provide super – strength cleaning and degreasing power for on tough greasy stains on painted and soiled surface while protecting the user and the environment by eliminating the use of perchloroethylene, Trichloroethylene and benezene.

ATLAS-SCL30 is water insoluble powerful cleaner.

ATLAS-SCL30 provides excellent degreasing of machine parts while being safe and pleasant to use. The advantage is an inexpensive for use as a machine part degreaser.


  • It does not Contains perchloro ethylene. Trichloro ethylene and benzene. Non-corrsive to most metals. Won’t harm paint, rubber, insulation or plastic during short contact time.
  • Leaves no residue. Requires no rinsing or wiping after use.
  • Controlled evaporation won’t induce condensation moisture, provides extended contact for greater cleaning power.
  • Its high specific gravity than water, and immiscible in water properties are helpful control its evaporation by adding of water.
  • Less flammable than gasoline, naptha, kerosene, benzene increase safety of cleaning operation.


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