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Manufacture of Brass cleaner

Manufacture of Brass cleaner
Manufacture of Brass cleaner
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Product Code : 0526
Brand Name : Ultraclean
Product Description

Brass Cleaner


Product Properties and benefits:

  • Biodegradable liquid

  • Acidic in nature

  • Strongly foaming

  • Cleaning and passivation for surface of Tin, Lead, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc metals, etc

  • Removes oil, grease, molycoat, oxides contamination etc,

  • It contains no hazardous acids.

  • It is an eco-friendly product.


  • For wiping method, no need to dilute the product ultraclean-uls04.
  • Have to use it in 100% concentration.
  • For Dip or spray or by ultrasonic vibrating method etc adopt the following procedure Bath parameters;

Concentration                   :  10 litres for every 100Ltrs of working volume.


Free Acidic points 

(Strength)                               :    10 to 15


Operating temperature           :   ambient to 45 degree celsius temperature


Duration of dip                       :    Generally about 5-20 minutes. (Depending upon the

                                                    Component contaminants)


Bath makeup:

Fill up the tank with water to approximately three-fourth of the intended working volume, to this water, add s-l-o-w-l-y ULTRACLEAN – ULS4in the proportion of 10 liters for every 100ltrs working volume, while adding, stir the water to endure dissolution of the chemical; add further quantities of ULTRACLEAN  ULS4only after the first lot


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